Hey, Siri. Play “Truth Hurts Radio”.

1 min readJan 8, 2021

“Hi, Jackie, I’m going for lunch at twelve-thirty today. Can you finish up those storyboards by the time I get back? If you need additional input, just ask the client directly…Yeah, I know; they really don’t know what they want but just see what direction they’re leaning in and we can go from there. Makes sense? Great, thanks Jackie!” *Taps AirPods to hang up. “This is Khalid” resumes play*

Let’s see if I can step away for half-an-hour without getting pinged. I love Jackie but she really needs to start taking more initiative. I wish she’d be a bit hungrier — the interns are working harder than she is and they’re not fucking getting paid.

*AirPods announce text message. “Trish Rodriguez says ‘Premiere is freezing up on me. Ugh. I knew I shouldn’t have updated to Catalina’”. This is Khalid resumes play**

Fuck. *Picks up iPhone. Texts Trish Rodriguez*

Kk. that sucks. call IT and see if they can figure out what’s wrong. if it’s not rendering, then were gonna need you to upload it to Frame.io and let Lamar take over. he’s working off the Pro so that shouldn’t have as many issues. call me if this doesn’t solve itself by noon.

*Opens Spotify. Puts on “Truth Hurts Radio”. Leaves phone on corner of desk*

Oh my god. What else is going to go wrong today?

*Turns to grab laptop, dropping iPhone on ground. Screen cracks*

Spoke too soon…

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