Aritizia after?

“Don’t worry, Ken…Yes, okay. I will make sure your status stays as ‘busy’. Understood.” *

Wow. Another cancelled lunch? Maybe these people finally realized how big of an asshole he is…

*Opens Google. Searches “aritizia discount code reddit”. Finds nothing appealing. Goes to “”. Scrolls for five minutes*

Hm, I wonder how close of a fit this will be. *Checks time*

It’s only 10:37. Ken’ll go to “lunch” at noon. Hm. I can probably sneak out now and get back from Hudson Yards in like twenty. Wonder if he’ll notice.

Hm, his next meeting isn’t until 2. Okay. So I’ll leave at like 12:15 and come back at 1:45; he won’t notice. Maybe I’ll get Ted at reception to ping me if Ken gets any calls.

*Picks up phone. Texts*

k fuck my diet. Shake shack for 12:30? i wanna check out aritizia after. you in?

*Picks up phone again. Reads text from Jasmit*

Love her. *Picks up phone again. Texts*

kk see you soon :)

— — — — —

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fortune favors the brave.

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